Stories From Our Nurses

“I love working with Samaritan Services because they understand their staff.”
“I love working with Samaritan Services because the staff is very accessible. They can always be reached. It feels more like a family here than work.”
“I find the staff to be friendly and helpful and I like the salary.”
“I’ve worked with Samaritan Services for over 4 years as the head scheduler. I help nurses from all areas find work that is applicable to their skill level and also work with them to build their nursing skills. It is a great feeling to watch our nurses grow and to be involved in the dynamic work of this agency.”
“I enjoy working with Samaritan Services as the assignments and pay is good. I am able to work flexible hours if I wish as well as in a long term capacity. I have worked here for almost 10 years and the CEO is very caring of her staff.”
“As the Director of Marketing for Samaritan Services, connecting with exceptional nurses with opportunities that meet their qualifications is very rewarding to me. I also have a chance to speak with staffing co-ordinators at other facilities to truly understand what each facility needs and requires for our nurses to be placed. I have enjoyed working here for the last four years.”
“The people at Samaritan Services routinely go above and beyond the call of duty to provide both their clients and their staff members with the support they need to deliver the best nursing care. I feel blessed to have been ushered into the profession by people who truly care on a personal and professional level, because they have set the tone for the rest of my career.”